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BERGFEX: Hiihtoalue Ischgl - Hiihtoloma Ischgl - Wintersportgebiet Ischgl

Hiihtoalue Ischgl


1.377 - 2.872m

Rinnekartta Hiihtoalue Ischgl

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Uudistukset Ischgl


Design | World record | Comfort

In 1988, the detachable 4-seat chairlift Gampen was the biggest construction project by Silvrettaseilbahn AG. At the time, the lift was the longest chairlift in Austria and was completed in a record construction time of just 5 months. Now, after 30 winters and some 13 million trips, the Gampenbahn lift will be replaced by a modern 6-seat chairlift of the latest generation in summer 2018.

The lower terminus (1,924 m) is located in the so-called Fimba and leads along 21pillar locations or 25 round-pipe pillars to one of the most beautiful and highest located spots in the ski area, Palinkopf mountain.

From the entry barrier all the way to the upholstery of the highly comfortable seats, everything was given a completely new design for the new Gampenbahn lift. The backs of the seats of the new facility were printed with images of the stars of the surrounding alpine world this time. Now various animals can be seen on the seatbacks. Every seat is unique.

With 924 m difference in altitude, the 6-CLD/B Gampenbahn lift covers the greatest elevation difference of any 6-seat chairlift in the world. In order to manage this, a haulage cable with a diameter of 58 mm and a weight of 65 tonnes is required.

Highest passenger comfort and low-noise operation make the new Gampenbahn lift first class. The new high-tech chairlift features a series of tangible improvements for our guests:

• ergonomically shaped individual seats
• 520 mm wide seats with heating
• safety-optimised design
• optimised safety restraining bar
• for very quiet operation and thus special comfort for our guests, this facility is particularly low-noise and low-vibration.

When building the new lift, environmental concerns were also taken into account. Thus with the new cable run, no less than 4 pillar locations could be left out. The 4-seat chairlift is disassembled into its individual components and planned to be reassembled in another winter sports resort.

The new lift is scheduled to go into operation in time for the new winter season 2018/19. You can read about the current state of the construction works in the construction blogger on www.ischgl.com.

Keydata for the new Gampenbahn lift
Type:6 CLD/B-H
Transport capacity: 2,800 passengers per hour
Inclined length: 2,416 m
Height above sea level lower terminus:1,924 m
Height above sea level upper terminus:2,848 m
Elevation difference: 924 m
Number of pillars: 21
Travel time: approx. 7.87 min.
Number of chairs: 122
Chair features: weather-protection hoods, heated seats, D-Line
Persons per seat: 6
Location of drive engine: Upper terminus
Maximum cable incline: 74 %
Manufacturer cable car technology: Doppelmayr Seilbahn GmbH
Haulage cable: Teufelberger Seil GesmbH
Drive/control technology: Frey Austria GmbH

Investment volume:approx. € 16.5 M (incl. restaurant)


at the Gampenbahn lower terminus

Right by the lower terminus of the new Gampenbahn lift, a new innovative self-service restaurant is being built.
This new gastronomic highlight will bring the ski area right into the restaurant. For example, you will be served your food from a gondola and can put down your plates on a snow gun. The restaurant was designed from top to bottom by a renowned star designer down to the smallest detail.


round 1 km more fun on the slope…

From the upper terminus of the Mullerbahn M2 to Alp Trida, the new ski slope 68 b will be constructed in the summer of 2018. This will give birth to a new additional ski-run (difficulty level: medium) with a length of round 1 km and an elevation difference of some 250 m. The new downhill run will also get an artificial snowmaking system.


Traditional alpine building with service

The new full-service restaurant Gampenalpe is located directly by the red ski slope No. 40 at 1990 m above sea level, some 400 m from the lower terminus of the new chairlift Gampen E4.

The new rustic ski lodge in the Ischgl/Samnaun ski area will feature some 100 seats with full service. Preliminary work on the new restaurant was already started in autumn 201 7.

Treat yourself to some traditional regional Tirolean cooking at the new Gampenalpe starting in December 2018.

Investment volume:approx. € 4 M

Hiihtoalue Ischgl

Ischgl sijaitsee Paznaun laaksossa Silvretta- ja Verwall-vuorijonojen välissä - 1.377 m kyläkorkeudella. Ischgl on yli 200 km rinteineen ja yli 40 hisseineen yksi Alppien suurimmista hiihtoalueista. Monet iloiset après-ski –juhlat ja muutamat huippuhotellit ovat ominaista Ischglille. Kauden päättymistä juhlitaan säännöllisesti suurilla popkonserteilla.

Päähiihtoalue (90%) sijaitsee 2.000 m - 2.872 m korkeudessa ja lumivarmojen pohjoisrinteiden ansiosta hauskanpito rinteessä on mahdollista marraskuun lopusta toukokuun alkuun.
Silvretta-areena yhdistää yli 40 hisseineen ja köysiratoineen sekä yli 200 km mitä parhaiten hoidettuine rinteineen Ischglin sveitsiläiseen Samnauniin – älä unohda passia!


  • n. 1.500 asukasta
  • 10.300 ha kunnan pinta-ala
  • 1 kunnan osa Mathon
  • 11 kylää
  • kieli: saksa
  • matkailupaikkakunta
  • Ischgl kuuluu nykyään Euroopan tärkeimpiin ja suosituimpiin talviurheilupaikkoihin


  • 90% hiihtoalueesta sijaitsee 2.000 -
  • 2.872 m kyläkorkeudessa. Tämä mahdollistaa hauskanpidon
  • lumivarmoilla pohjoisrinteillä marraskuun lopusta

toukokuun alkuun

  • yli 230 km hoidettuja rinteitä
  • yli 20 km hiihtoreittejä
  • yli 490 lumitykkiä, jotka huoltavat keinotekoisesti lumitettuja rinteitä yhteensä 195 hehtaarin alueella.

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Hiihtoalue Ischgl

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