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Shred Poker Gastein: Corners & Boxes are better than Poker Tables - Snowpark Gastein


Shred Poker Gastein: Corners & Boxes are better than Poker Tables

30.03.2017, 13:42
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Snowpark Gastein

Sounds nice? Well it definitely was! Starting from stylish Straight Airs, Flips and 900° Spins in all directions, to the trial of tearing up the special obstacle with a snow skate – on this Sunday 26, we’ve seen it all. Motivated locals and park fanatics demonstrated their very best tricks and totally swept the board. Young and old freestylers were battling for poker chips and sick prizes.

About 50 riders took a seat at Gastein’s poker table last Sunday, March 26, to entertain the crowd. The shape crew’s ace up their sleeve was the special obstacle especially set up for this event. The Doublehit was a combination of two Corners and an Up-Box. On this masterpiece of shape art the freestyle action was going down until the last poker chip was given out. To lead the field, riders had to be creative – the more multifarious the tricks, the more poker chips were handed out by the judges.

Kathrin Gappmayr earned the most poker chips for her performance in the Ladies category. Trading her chips into goodies and cash she received 50 € and an Amplifi back protector.

In the category Men, Marco Göls and Gusts Jermacans not only convinced the crowd with their diverse tricks, but also the judges Jonel Fricke and Lukas Draxl. Therefore, Marco got 150 € prize money and Gusts went home with an extra 100 bucks. Poker face of this Sunday was definitely shown by Christian Scherfler. He snatched a sick amount of 22 poker chips and traded them into 200 € cash – a successful day for the poker king and all participants.

Besides the main prizes, all other riders received chips for their tricks and in turn nice goodies by Pinetime Clothing, TSG, Amplifi and QParks. And after all this action, QParks hosted a yummy BBQ in the chill area of the Snowpark Gastein.

All photos of the Shred Poker Gastein are on Facebook and the park website. With that said we would like to thank everyone for gambling and making it a successful Shred Poker premiere at the Snowpark Gastein. Stop by for some legendary spring sessions coming up in our Park! #shredpongau



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