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Junior Jam Ehrwalder Alm: Freestyle at its finest

24.02.2020, 17:16

Contest vibes, creative tricks & airtime – that was the Junior Jam Ehrwalder Alm! Why “Junior Jam”? Because this tour stop was exclusively open for riders under 18. During this contest, the Snowpark Ehrwalder Alm became a stage for all the tricks of tomorrow’s freestyle pros!

Last Sunday, February 16th, 2020, many rookies found their way to the Snowpark Ehrwalder Alm to show their skills during the Junior Jam Ehrwalder Alm. QParks Tour Stops like the Junior Jam give rookies the opportunity to gain their first contest experiences and show what’s to expect from the next...

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Spring Sessions at Ehrwald: Freestyle for all levels at the Snowpark & Familypark Ehrwalder Alm

02.04.2019, 14:19

Snow as far as the eye can see – on the surrounding peaks and in the valley. The sky is perfectly blue, and you gaze upon a freshly shaped kicker line. Sounds like perfect conditions for a sick shred day? Definitely. But where can you find shred conditions like these in spring? At Ehrwalder Alm.

“Freestyle for all levels”, that’s this winter’s motto at Ehrwalder Alm: The Snowpark Ehrwalder Alm offers riders a variety of kickers and jibs in a Medium, Jib and Large Line – all set for countless creative runs. For those ready to take the first freestyle steps, there’s now the Familypark – a...

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Shred Poker Ehrwald: Shred Poker luck & Shred skills on point!

26.02.2019, 16:39

Bluebird, highly motivated riders, cool vibes and finest shred action – a suitable description of this winter’s first Shred Poker at Snowpark Ehrwalder Alm. The freestylers went “all in“ and showed their best skills. Steezy tricks were rewarded with poker chips and stacks of poker chips were rewarded with goodies & cash.

The start of the day already promised perfect conditions and paved the way for a winning streak during the Shred Poker: The setup sparkled in the morning light and if you listened carefully you could hear the crew’s shape tools scratching during the last fine-tuning of the setup. The shred heads...

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Shred Poker Ehrwald – A session full of action, cash and goodies

16.02.2018, 15:05

The Shred Poker season started with a real banger! At Snowpark Ehrwalder Alm, the riders gave everything to receive the highly desired poker chips and to swap these for cash and goodies. The result was a day full of steezy moves, smooth beats and a massive BBQ!

As the first sunrays turned the snow of the Snowpark Ehrwalder Alm into a sea of glitter, it was pretty clear that this day was gonna be a sweet one for all shredheads around Ehrwald. As soon as the ski lifts started running, the park rats rode their first lines at the playground and the level...

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Mehr Schnee, größere Jumps und neue Jibs!

31.01.2014, 21:14

Rechtzeitig vor dem Stop der Chill&Destroy-Tour konnte noch Schnee produziert werden, um den bestehenden 10-m-Jump auf 14 m Table auszubauen. Der 2. Sprung der großen Linie fällt heuer leider den anhaltend warmen Temperaturen zum Opfer und wird nicht mehr gebaut. Die Medium-Jump-Line im Wald...

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Erstes Set-up für Weihnachstferien!

26.12.2013, 17:56

Wir haben alles an Schnee zusammengekratzt und seit 17.12. steht das erste Set-up samt Sprüngen mit vernünftigen Landungen. Nach den Weihnachtsferien wird dann nocheinmal kräftig Schnee produziert, um den Park planmäßig umzusetzen.

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