Nejc Ferjan wins Red Bull Station Riots Qualifier event

24.02.2016, 08:36
Piilota kartta

Slovenian Shredders rule the qualifier event of the Red Bull Station Riots

This weekend at the Red Bull Station Riots Qualifier presented by Volcom & Nitro six wildcards for the final riots at the Snowpark Nesselwang on the 5th of March were to snatch. Especially the Slovenian shred-hood could convince the jury with their skills on the jib line and will now hand in their top players against other international stars like Jesse Augustinus for the street snowboard happening of the year on March 5th 2016. The last wildcard for the Red Bull Station Riots Finals is yet to be conquered via the GoPro video qualifier until the 29th of February. Find all informations about the GoPro “Ticket To Riots” video qualifier on

Winter has not made it easy for the Snowpark Nesselwang shape crew to conjure up the right weather conditions for the Red Bull Station Riots Qualifier event. But on Saturday, February 13th, it finally was “go-time” and the first ever Street Snowboarding Riots could be instigated. 28 snowboarders gathered punctually at twelve o'clock to show off their most criminal tricks over four consecutive real street obstacles in one line. The European snowboard scene did not hesitate and sent some of their most motivated urban shredders along the contest line. Slovenia's Nejc Ferjan delivered best in the final heat of the qualifier by showing the run of the day with a switch frontside tailslide 270 off on the barriers obstacle, followed by an abnormally styled cab 270 frontside board slide on the high-down rail combo, a halfcab over the chain ending with a backside 180 switch 50-50 backside 180 off the legendary stairset. Oh yeah, not to forget: Nejc “the crowd pleaser” also littered in a spontaneous mini backflip over a small pile of snow in his winning run! Ziga Radovec (SLO), Marvin Salmina (AT), Samy Kautner (GER), Elio Fumagalli (SUI) and Max Zebe (ITA) took the remaining five wildcards for the Red Bull Station Riots Finals and revealed once again that a smooth style clearly is the right ingredient for success in today's snowboard contests.

Whether as a competitor or a spectator, the final of the Red Bull Station Riots at the Snowpark Nesselwang on the 5th of March already is a must for every shred fan, as riders like Benny Urban, Jesse Augustinus, Jamie Nicholls and many more have confirmed their participation. Not to forget your own performance on the dacefloor of the Red Bull Station Riots aftershow party on the 5th of March! Perfect party beats will be delivered by the legendary Turntable Hools.


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