Clusone Presolana

612 - 986m
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Clusone Presolana
612 - 986m

On a sunny and substantial high plain and a historic destination for holidaymakers, Clusone is frequented by tourists in both summer and winter.

This is the area of the capital of the Clusone valley, a noble and artistic town with its Danza Macabra and Piazza dell’Orlogio (Clock Square,) of the celebrated Castione and the Dolomite-like Mount Presolana.

The ski areas of Pora and Donico are much visited by tourists, as are the beautiful centres of the Gera such as Rovetta, hometown of the Fantonis. Here, one finds the pleasantness of flat terrain and naturalist routes, where local vivacity and gastronomy find protection from the splendid surrounding mountains…

And beyond all of this is the upper valley, with culture and sport: for example there is Gromo, with its medieval village, the picturesque Ardesio, the two ski areas of Spiazzi di Gromo and Lizzola. Here are all the ingredients for a marvellous holiday!


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IAT Val Seriana e Val di Scalve
via Europa 111/c, I-24028 Ponte Nossa

+39 035 704063
+39 035 0662593

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