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BERGFEX: Wanderbauernhof Mesner: loma-asunto Liesing Obertilliach / Lesachtal -

Wanderbauernhof Mesner

9653 Liesing

10 Sängyt, 4 Huone
Erwin Soukup
Liesing 22, 9653 Liesing

Mountain holiday between the Grossglockner and the Dolomites - The Carinthian Lesachtal is a hiking area of the top class!

Clear vision and sunshine - this is the Lesachtal. Over 300 km of marked hiking trails, climbing routes, and many, many climbing routes of all difficulty levels make the vacation experience. The son of the house is a certified hiking guide and will be happy to accompany the tours. The advice given in the evening at the Tour Meeting. All documents such as maps and descriptions are available free for you! With themed walks along the mills, the power source Radegund, the scent of herbs and hike you get to know other sides of the valley!

  • The Family Farm Mesner: * Provides an ideal nest for your summer holiday. In the new, high quality apartments you have plenty of space and can really enjoy the holidays. Easily on the stove with wine and fresh biscuits. Gladly we also offer breakfast service. Free admission to the Waterpark Lesachtal, 1 x per week child care full-time (for you) a nice tour times can make up, and the Alpine Adventure Discounts complete the offer!
  • Wellness Farm - Almwellness: * Brand new is our Almwellnessbereich with sauna, infrared cabin, Kneipp shower, Fußbadebecken and panorama relaxation room. In the "Lesachtaler bath room", we offer milk, to cream, whey and herbal baths. At the juice bar, there are teas and beverages. A wohltuhende massage is also available!


Appartement/ Ferienwohnung
Appartement/ Ferienwohnung


  Pääsesonki Vor-/Nebensaison Pääsesonki Vor-/Nebensaison
Yöpyminen 38 €
asti 110 €
34 €
asti 90 €
36 €
asti 110 €
34 €
asti 72 €
sisältäen aamiaisen 35 €
asti 45 €
30 €
asti 45 €
25 € 25 €
Puolihoito 40 €
asti 65 €
40 €
asti 60 €
34 €
asti 40 €
34 €
asti 35 €
All-inclusive - - - -

The flats / apartments can accommodate 2-5 people
We offer breakfast and half board

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10 Sängyt, 4 Huone
Erwin Soukup
Liesing 22, 9653 Liesing
Appartement in the appartemenhouse (Appartement/ Ferienwohnung)
Wohnungen im Bauernhaus (Appartement/ Ferienwohnung)
Suiten (Suite)
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Appartement in the appartemenhouse

Wohnungen im Bauernhaus

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