The Natural Lido Burgseeli Swim Amongst Ducks and Water Lilies

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It really is true! You can swim in the middle of an unspoiled beauty
of a nature reserve. «Burgseeli» lies between Ringgenberg and
Goldswil in a hollow flanked by the mountains of the «Hardergrat»
and a rock outcrop, the so called «Burg».

The water’s warm temperature reaching up to 26°C/77°F allows bathing from as
early as May through September. The water reaches such
comfortable temperatures so quickly in spring because it is
moorland water with a low oxygen content and very slow
circulation. Its natural milkiness absorbs the sun’s rays much more easily and thereby increases its temperature by a number of degrees within a few days. The natural lido «Burgseeli» was opened in 1932. Since then the installations have been renewed and extended as much as possible within the interests of the nature reserve. A meadow for sunbathing offers room for over 1000 people. One barbecue grill is available for those wishing to prepare their own culinary delights. There is a non-swimmers pool, a paddling pool with all kinds of water games, a children’s play ground and plenty of corners screened by trees or shrubs to relax and forget daily routines. Visitors are requested to observe the regulations of the nature reserve. We are sure that you as a nature lover will assist us in protecting the animal and plant life to preserve it for future generations.

Middle of June – middle of August

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