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Welterberegion Wartburg Hainich

140 - 493m
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Welterberegion Wartburg Hainich

140 - 493m

The World Heritage Region Wartburg Hainich is situated in the middle of Germany between Unstrut and Werratal and covers numerous attractions. These include, for example, the cities of Eisenach and Mühlhausen with their exciting history around Martin Luther, Thomas Müntzer and Johann Sebastian Bach, the city of Bad Langensalza as the most blooming city of Europe in 2011, the German-wide unique wildcat village in Hütscheroda or the canopy walkway where the visitors are very close to the Hainich treetops. The UNESCO world heritage site Wartburg and the UNESCO world heritage Hainich National Park are only a stone’s throw away from each other. No matter whether you want to experience nature actively by bicycle, on foot or on water, or whether you want to explore the historically interesting cities as culture enthusiast who likes to visit theatres, museums or concerts – here it is perfectly possible to combine city tours with trips into untouched nature, thus offering the guest a pleasant change.

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