Domleschg - Feldis - Mutten

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**Domleschg/Feldis/Mutten - the valley of the miracle of life**.

Does change of life mean the way one spends one's time on earth? Is a real change of life not rather a miracle like the one when the winter white turns into a sea of flowers in spring? How summer finds its completion in autumnal colourfulness, how the first winter white appears again above golden-yellow larches and deep-red blueberry bushes?

In the Domleschg/Feldis/Mutten region, one's own life becomes one with the great miracle of life. In a unique environment with light-flooded forests and gentle mountain heights. With wonderful orchards and old castles. With picturesque farming villages and mighty castles.


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Domleschg - Feldis - Mutten
Domleschg - Feldis - Mutten
Domleschg - Feldis - Mutten

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Viamala Tourismus
Neudorfstrasse 46, CH-7430 Thusis

+41 81 650 90 30

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  • Feldis
    18.05.2023 - 22.10.2023 (2 Hissit)
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