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In the heart of the Island of Čiovo, just a few kilometers from the Town of Trogir, which is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, there is another Mediterranean gem – The Town of Okrug! The most popular destination of the Trogir Riviera, comfortably "ensconced“ in Saldun Bay, comprises two towns: Okrug Gornji and Okrug Donji.

'Okrug's Copacabana' is the "beating heart" of this area, which in summer becomes the center of social life of the Riviera, is the two-kilometers-long pebble beach named Toć with its promenade.

This place is the center of all the daytime and nighttime events - during the day, it is crowded with swimmers enjoying sports and recreational activities, while at night it caters to entertainment lovers and food travelers (gastronomads).


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Yhteydenotto Okrug

Tourismusverband der Gemeinde Okrug
Bana Jelačića 15, HR-21223 Okrug Gornji

+385 21 88 73 11

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