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Oberperfuss - Rangger Köpfl

820 - 2.000m
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Oberperfuss - Rangger Köpfl
820 - 2.000m

Three idyllic jewels

The three small and delightful holiday villages of Oberperfuss, Unterperfuss and Ranggen enjoy a unique and quiet location at the entrance to the Sellrain Valley. They are located 600 to 800 metres above sea level and offer an exciting range of sports and activities. Oberperfuss was already a popular spa and health resort at the turn of the century and attracted the first guests to the high alpine plateau. Today, visitors appreciate the village charm, the proud traditions and the lovingly decorated, old farm houses amongst other things. “Gemütlichkeit” (an atmosphere of comfort, charm and warmth) is exemplified here and the people love to spend their time outside. Their “local mountain” – the Rangger Köpfl – makes this easy: in summer it’s a hiking and biking paradise, in winter it offers numerous opportunities for skiing, tobogganing, winter hiking and ski touring. Rich and varied holiday enjoyment is guaranteed year round thanks to lovely apartments with comfortable flair, a campsite & brewery in Unterperfuss, farm holidays, many winter sports activities and adventure hiking trails, such as the “Geisterwanderweg” (Ghost Trail). And the Capital of the Alps with its many cultural treasures is only 16 kilometres away – for even more holiday fun.

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Yhteydenotto Oberperfuss - Rangger Köpfl

Tourismusinformation Oberperfuss / Unterperfuss / Ranggen
Peter-Anich-Weg 1, A-6173 Oberperfuss/ Unterperfuss

+43 512 5356 6173
+43 5232 81676

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  • Oberperfuss - Rangger Köpfl
    04.06.2022 - 26.10.2022 (2 Hissit)
  • Axamer Lizum
    23.06.2022 - 25.09.2022 (2 Hissit)
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