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Allegra in Valchava

The quiet and well-preserved village with its baroque church tower from the 15th century has various sights to offer. The restored lime kiln on the edge of the village and the "Chasa Jaura" local history museum offer an insight into the past.

The "Chasa Jaura" welcomes its guests and offers a fascinating glimpse into the former way of life of the valley's inhabitants. A mixture of tradition and modernity can be experienced every year on the first Sunday in October, when the harvest festival takes place in Valchava. The festival opens with an ecumenical church service, followed by a colourful parade and market. All this makes the harvest festival a popular destination for the whole family.

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Yhteydenotto Valchava

Gäste-Information Val Müstair
Plaun Grond 24J, CH-7532 Tschierv

+41 81 861 88 40
+41 81 850 36 90

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Paikat Biosfera Val Müstair
Etsi majoitus Valchava
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